Hello eSports fan!

This site is created for people who like to watch eSport events and want to win on betting websites. We help people to place best bets and win money.


How it works?

Our website knows what's is going on on betting websites, plus we collect a lot of statistics and analyze couple metrics, those allow us to predict the right result.

All you have to do, is to select match on which you would like to place a bet and amount of bet, all the rest we will do for you.

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How much does it cost?

Almost nothing, we charge 1% of sum won.

So, if your bet was 1$ on rate 4, i.e. you won $4 - $1 = $3, we charge you 3 cents.

What if I lost?

If your bet was wrong, we return you 10% of bet lost.

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Are we a bookmaker website?

No, we're not. We just help you to bet on other websites. We're more like insurance for you and affiliate for them.

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